Southampton port has multifaceted history. It was a centre for marine shipbuilding as well as a departure point for soldiers going to the war. Interestingly before the advent of jet plane, Southampton was Britain’s gateway to the world and also played significant role in the development of seaplanes, hovercraft, spitfire fighter plane or flying boat service. But of all the histories of Southampton, the history of Titanic is still fresh in our mind.

Southampton became one of England’s most important ports after Bristol and London. However, the 16th competed for business. There are four cruise terminals at Southampton. These include QEII, City, Mayflower and Ocean. They are the primary terminals to a wide variety of cruise lines including Celebrity, Cunard, Royal Caribbean, and P&O cruises, Princess, MSC and Fred. Approximately £40 million was invested by the associated British Ports in these four dedicated cruise terminals and in its surrounding infrastructure. Everything was well-organised. There no confusion with restrictions on hand baggage, waiting around at busy airports and unlimited cabin baggage.

Cruise packages, car parking or stay was offered by a wide range of hotels across the city thereby enabling the visitors to stay in the city before or after their cruise. They also allowed parking and assisting with travel management to and from the cruise terminals. Southampton is the largest cruise ports in Northern Europe. The port lists every detail of the live arrival and departure times and updates of the cruises. The information appear in the sidebar, even detailing the last minute changes that may affect the ship’s arrival and departure time as well the updates with the terminal changes.

Also Southampton port offers several options from parking your car at the port to the hotels offering parking as a part of their cruise packages. There are two car-parking providers at the cruise terminals. Car parking for Saga and Fred, Royal Caribbean, MSC, Celebrity Cruises, NCL and Olsent is provided by ABP Port of Southampton Cruise and car parking for Cunard, Princess and P&O Cruises is managed by Cruise and Passenger services. Both provide convenient parking close to the cruise terminals. This enables short transfer times and luggage porters and make the entire process as smooth as possible.

Besides, security at the port was dominant. All cars are well secured in the locked environment when the passengers are away. Besides the parking, there are a range of additional services available including engine maintenance, car valeting, Meet & Greet and fuel top up services. and the 17th century proved a little different as other ports such as London Each cruise terminal has drop-off points and disabled bay. Additionally, there are Pay and Display short-term car parking facilities for those people who wish to see their loved ones off on a cruise.

By 1912, Southampton was the home port to approximately 23 steamship companies including Union Castle, American Lines and Royal Mail. However, with the transfer of White Star Line’s transoceanic express service from Liverpool to Southampton in 1907, Southampton was established as England’s principal passenger port. Eventually, a deep water new dock was required to accommodate the largest liner of White Star, the Olympic. The White Star Dock also known as Ocean Dock was then built in 1911. It was from this dock that Titanic left Southampton in the next year.

The town was rapidly expanding in 1912 with job opportunities in the docks and in shipbuilding. The on board ship brought migrants from all over Ireland and Britain to settle in Southampton. The majority of the Titanic’s crew stayed in the Northam area of the Southampton along with the large numbers of dockworkers and seafarers. When Titanic was launched on 31 May 1911, she was the largest ship in the world. She was commanded by one of the White Star Line’s experienced officers, Captain John Edward Smith. After her successful sea trial in Belfast, Titanic arrived in Southampton on 3 April, 1912. She sailed from the port of Southampton on 10th 1912. However, five days later, she sank with great loss of life after striking an iceberg.

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