Southampton, 75 miles Southwest of London, situated in the country of Hampshire, has been a major British Port for hundreds of years. Southampton port was established in 1838, the year when the first regular steamship service crossed the Atlantic. For most of the cruise passengers, it’s the first or last port on a European cruise or Atlantic crossing.

Apart from shipping, Southampton is known for having the longest stretch of medieval wall in the UK. The city has countless attractions to offer to its cruise passengers. Most the sites are within 15 minute walk to the center of the city from the cruise ship. So transportation will not be a problem at all.

You could stroll to the to the extensive medieval wall systems in England. In that case, you will have to by-pass the areas and the buildings associated with Southampton several historical fame. Bargate monument which is 800 years old was the main entry point of the fortified walled city dating back to the medieval days. The other half of the old wall remains among the contemporary city dwelling.

If you are keen to learn the city’s Titanic story, there is a walking tour from museum that also involves the ship’s engineers and musicians, none of who survived. Once you leave the museum, go to Above Bar Street to the Titanic Engineer officer’s memorials in East Wood. You may also visit the Oxford street, especially towards the Grapes Pub, where four people had a lucky escape -they were refused entry onboard as the ship was about to set sail. These four members stayed too long drinking in that pub on the day of their departure. Finally, walk down the Canute road towards the Canute Chambers, and see the headquarters of the Famous White Star Line (Titanic).

The city Art gallery is also located at the heart of the city and has some of the excellent collection of art from medieval to modern. The core of these arts belongs to the twentieth century as well as contemporary British work, with a focus on local artists. The Art gallery also consists of works by renowned British painters like Duncan Grant and Lawrence Stephen Lowry. Windsor castle is also famous for shore excursion. It is considered as one of the fundamental official residences of the British Monarchy. Windsor castle is also considered as the site of the State Apartments, St George’s Chapel and St George’s Hall. You may enjoy shopping and breath-taking sightsees in Windsor town. Do not miss to explore one of the Britain’s finest Gothic Cathedrals built in the 13th you may hear several myths, legends and facts behind the greatest mysteries of the prehistoric world. As you walk around the site, you may get confuse whether it is a temple, clock or burial site.

Hampshire’s New Forest

The New Forest, a National park have cattle, sheep, donkeys, horses, pigs and deer’s roaming around and is quite interesting to watch them. The ground of this park date back to 1079, where it was used for hunting by the William, the Conqueror. Or you can also visit the Winchester to view the popular Cathedral and King Arthur’s Round Table. Romsey with a 12th century Abbey; or Portsmouth’s battleship belonging to Nelson- King Henry’s VIII’s warship and one of the England’s heroes are worth watching.

The Shopping Life in Southampton

The city excels in shopping. With numerous specialists shops in the old town including Marlands shopping center, West Quay Mall, John Lewis or Waitrose you can easily spend hours after hours shopping in all these shopping centres. In addition, there are several pubs, café and restaurants to rest your feet and grab your favourite food or drink. One of the popular pubs is the 15th century Red Lion Pub.

No one needs to worry about lunching in Southampton. Numerous hotels and restaurants have proved to be flagship establishments in Southampton. Almost all the hotels have outstanding interior that pays homage to the history of the buildings with leather sofas and chandeliers.

They mostly specialize in beer battered fish and chips, sausages and mash, pan fried fillet of salmon or chicken breast. You will also find different canapé menus and countless bistro-style eateries and Mexican food.

The other attractions include Tudor House, Westgate Hall, Museum of Archaeology, God’s House Tower, Maritime Museum, and St. Michael’s church. There is something for everyone to see and do while visiting Southampton and I hope you will enjoy your visit to the city.

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