Planning your first cruise party? I am sure you are overwhelmed with joy just like a child loose inside a toy store. There are too many choices, too much temptation and too much laughter’s to roll in the event of a grand cruise ship party. And as you go through all the option you gradually uncover the mystery of a cruise planning. In the midst of fun, you discover multiple practicalities while organising such luxurious activity- the goal is to match the entire set up with your personality and the cruise line. This is where you need to invest your time and effort. To the untrained eyes, all cruise ships generally look alike-they are huge and luxurious. Yet impalpable differences take shape upon closer inspection.

Hold on! There is nothing to be scared. Hearing my part of story will help you to dry your cruise planning tears and get ready to enjoy a party blast.

The invitation card was in the shape of a boat provided with the details of the boarding time (party start time) and the entire agenda for the evening. The card had also informed the guests regarding the dress code they needed to wear for that eve. And of course, one cannot forget the décor of the bash. Creative party decoration such as the balloons, confetti, candles, props, banners, streamers, tableware added to that merry-making mood. These incredible accessories enhanced the ambience of the ship and made my guests forget the hustle and bustle of their everyday life.

One of the important considerations was the number of people attending and the location of the party. The location should simply make you relax and enjoy your time on board. Also maximising the space was on top of the priority list. We of course did not want to bottleneck the guests at any spot of the cruise. The majority of the boat cruise is double Decker, spacious, and equipped with excellent bars and dining areas. Our decision was to make the buffet the focal point as normally cruises organise large buffet. The food tables were spread with palm leaves and huge vases filled with limes and flowers. The linens on the table were white covered with hues of blue.

For a real classic touch, I had added chocolates, crystal glasses, with white plates and silver charger. Ice buckets with champagne and silver balloons as a centre pieces were just apt to make me glow with happiness. However, this is not the end of it; the centrepieces were surrounded with assorted sea shells along with white votive candles. What else do you need to make a party unforgettable?

As the culinary aspect is important so is the entertainment for the guests. A drum bands or a DJ can set the right grooving feel. I noticed, even those who has the least knowledge of dance, tried out a few footsteps while they got carried away by the melodic ambience. That is the fun in a party! And not to forget, if you want to complement some more fun to it, opt for party games. They are ideal to make your guests come out of their repetitious lifestyle while they enjoy the evening smashes. Another great option is the strolling attraction that can entertain your guests especially during the cocktail hours.

Cruises are fun and festive and are the perfect place to make your party exclusive. However, it also gives you the flexibility to customise the gathering with special destinations to highlight with mouth-watering foods, awestruck decor and fun-filled activities. Does this spark an idea? I am sure it does.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your much-awaited bash amidst the blue.

Matthew Naylor, the owner of Parking4Cruises, has years of experience working in the travel industry. He shares an active interest in writing and blogging, especially about the niche he works in, the travel sector. He offers his ideas, tips and suggestions for travellers planning a cruise or flight from Southampton to regional, national and international destinations.

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