It’s no fun comparing parking services in and around the port before your cruise holiday. However, it is important, as it can save considerable time and money and prevent any hassle. Pay attention to this little detail and you can make sure it doesn’t ruin your holiday.

How do you reach the terminal if you don’t take your car? You need to find alternatives. Do you ask a family member or friend to drop you? Or do you take a bus? You have to decide about this as well.

Where do you keep the car while you are away? A secure place is most important. You cannot leave your car just anywhere. You need to make a number of decisions before your cruise holiday.

What should be your priority? Instead of looking for the cheapest deal, focus on finding the offer that gives you the best value for money. After all, the convenience you get matters even more than the money you spend on the service.

What Alternative Transportation Choices are Available?

If you don’t want to drive in your car to the cruise terminal, you have to find other options to reach it. You also need to make sure that you have some means of transport when you return from your holiday.

A pre-booked taxi is one choice. However, it won’t be an inexpensive option, especially if you also book for the return journey. You can also opt for a cruise terminal-bound coach. However, it won’t be the most comfortable or convenient choice.

Moreover, if you are always worried about the security of your car back home, your entire holiday would be ruined. You have to think about where you leave your car for the duration of your cruise from Southampton.

Where Do You Leave Your Car?

A secure garage attached to your home may be a good place to leave your car and get another means of transport to reach the cruise terminal. However, if you usually park on the street, leaving your car for the period of the cruise may not be the best thing to do.

If the car parking bay is suspended for some reason, say road work, you may be in deep trouble. It is best not to take such a risk. Another option is to request a neighbour to move it if something like this happens. Make sure he/she has insurance coverage.

It’s best not to depend on such possibilities. Instead, focus on the type of parking service that suits your arrangement. On-site, off-site, ‘meet and greet’, ‘park and ride’ and such other options are available. You just need to make the right decision.

Which Category of Parking Service Works for You?

The on-site services include the short-term ones available at the Southampton Port. The off-site services include public and private operators that offer a safe and secure parking place for your vehicles during the cruise.

A valet car parking service offers the most convenient experience for cruise passengers. You don’t need to leave your car anywhere, you don’t need to take a transfer and you don’t need to face any hassle about this.

The only downside is that it can be a little more expensive than other choices. The good news is that you can save a substantial amount if you book early. In most cases, the earlier you book, the better your savings.

You may choose a ‘park and ride’ service; however, the downside is that you have to park your car in the lot and take a transfer to the cruise terminal. When you return, you have to go to the lot to get your car. This often feels like a hassle.

Don’t focus on the price alone; every circumstance is different. Consider your requirements before you make a decision. Leaving your car on the street may be inexpensive, but it cannot be secure as a car parking service.

As soon as you have the cruise dates, get an instant quote from Parking4Cruises. This is what you pay if you book the service from us. No hidden charges, nothing else. If it works for you, book it early to get a good deal.

Leaving your car in our secure parking lot ensures your peace of mind during the holiday. Book early to get the best deal for you. If you want to know more, get in touch with us via email or call us at 07540 794007.

Matthew Naylor, the owner of Parking4Cruises, has years of experience working in the travel industry. He shares an active interest in writing and blogging, especially about the niche he works in, the travel sector. He offers his ideas, tips and suggestions for travellers planning a cruise or flight from Southampton to regional, national and international destinations.

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