Chestnuts roasted on an open fire have their own charm, but for a Christmas treat you and your family will cherish long after the gifts and stockings have been opened. This year, add originality to your Christmas Eve. Perhaps it sounds a little early to think about Christmas, however, Christmas is a busy period and diaries fill up fast. So get your plan pencilled as soon as possible to organise a perfect festivity. And if you are thinking about making it more special and different from the crowd, celebrate the Christmas Eve with cruises.

You toast the start of your cruise as your ship sails for its destination. No flights and no hassle. Your vessel awaits and truly begins the moment as you and your guests step on board. The management will take care of the luggages from the moment you arrive and with dedicated cruises car-parking facilities in the port, the revelry will make you feel not less than a holiday. As the venue is fixed, now you think of executing your plan into action.

The day of the event can be hectic no matter how much you plan ahead .All you need is a little planning to go a long way as I did. I was proud of the super successful party at the end of the day. The foremost important thing I was concerned about was creating the menu and the timeline. Before the guests started arriving make sure that every detail of the merry-making mood is in place such as the cultural considerations, food allergies and agreeable eating types as vegetarians. Food can be sentimental; therefore, I ensured that the dishes I selected can create an emotional bond as adding nostalgic elements to the set menu can also be a fun and creative endeavour. As I saw my aunt relishing those chocolate covered strawberries- can anything beat those special treats? I am sure no.

Keeping my guests’ interests in mind, the Christmas favourites included Mulled wine, Sparkling wine, Winter Pimms and the Christmas cocktails. You will need to choose a serving process for drinks; either order from the bar, waiter service, drinks scattered all over the venue or set up in one place for the guests to help themselves. In short, make every possible way to make them a little tipsy. The party would have been incomplete without the dance floor, jugglers, casino tables, funfair ideas, firework show or karaoke. You can also jazz things up with some old favourites like Locomotion or YMCA. Believe me, all these entertainment added a touch of grandeur to my party. I was extremely contented to see those foot movement tuned to their favourite numbers and the smiling faces all around.

Do not try to do everything by your own. Initially I was thinking on the same line but with a few wise suggestions I hired outside experts to manage the Christmas bash. They arespecialists in handling every bit of the event from entertainment to decorations.This reminds me the way the Christmas tree was decorated with interesting items that grab the attention of one and all. The tin foil origami and the cool Eco chic papers on the Christmas tree looked perfect to make the cruise party even more memorable.

The chosen theme was the heartbeat of the get-together that Eve and it was integrated throughout the event. My chosen theme was everywhere- the entrance, the bar, the table centres, stages of the event and every possible part of the party that can be incorporated. Even the dress code of the guests, the cruise staff, outdoor area, music choice, food and drinks was inspired by the theme. The lighted scented candles, the fresh flowers, chocolates enhanced the ambience and unfolded the glee throughout the cruise than I had imagined.

If you want to relive those moments make sure to capture them in photographs. The snapshots and its varied expressions will certainly make you take a trip down to the memory lane.

Matthew Naylor, the owner of Parking4Cruises, has years of experience working in the travel industry. He shares an active interest in writing and blogging, especially about the niche he works in, the travel sector. He offers his ideas, tips and suggestions for travellers planning a cruise or flight from Southampton to regional, national and international destinations.

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