It is no secret that winter holiday is the most stressful affair. When the hectic winter travel begins, people become distressed with unforeseen challenges and long waits. Travel to your favourite destination on cruise ships, rails or road ways is undoubtedly fascinating but you can expect more delay, cancellation and other problems related to travel. Be a smart traveller and use the following tips that you can consider for a thrilling winter trip. Gone are the days when you had to restrict your tour during chilly wintry months. At present, winter trip also can be relaxing as well as fun-filled like summer trips. The best thing is that you can enjoy accommodation at low rates during cooler months. Here are few essential tips for your safe winter tour.

Book your ticket first!

Try to book your flight ticket at cheap rates. During winter days, cruise and airlines reduce their cost so that passengers make last time itinerary change without altering fee. Utilise the opportunity.

Action, action!

Take prompt action. If required, reboot the itinerary without any delay. Make sure that you provide your email address, telephone number and contact details to your favourite airline company. If you fail to add the information at times of buying your ticket, you must immediately go online to add these details.

Follow social media

Follow the details of cruise line or airline on popular social networking sites. Most airlines post updates to the Twitter feeds and you can start following them without a delay. You must avail the airline alerts and get email updates of your flight on your Smartphone.

Leave early for the port!

Leave one hour earlier. When you start preparing for vacation you must devote extra time and anticipate peripheral delays that can occur. Do not forget to bring books, magazines and other reading materials when you wait in security line or near your departure gate. In the cities with snow, arrival delays may exceed even three to four hours and even de-icing process takes at least one hour before takeoff.

Go for light packing

While you travel abroad you must pack as light as possible. Since most airlines are stricter on baggage limits as well as weight allowances, packing light materials can help you to save both your time and money. If you plan holiday travel to remain with your friends and family members, you must go for online shopping and get your gifts shipped to the desirable destination. In this way you can curtail your luggage and reduce risk of losing your special gifts.

Don’t fall sick

Most travellers get afflicted with influenza. Your winter trip contributes to cold, flu and increases your misery and increases your stress to a great extent. The best options is to consult your doctor’s clinic before you leave and get flu shot or flu vaccine which is best for all ages. Since bacteria and germs are mainly spread through body touch or contact, you can wash hands or hand sanitizer regularly. Stretch legs from time to time Always stretch legs time and again. If you have to pass long time on air flight or stay in cramped quarters of your cruise ship you may develop DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) that causes clotting of blood in legs. The best tip is to walk for sometime and stretch arms as well as legs once in every hour during your journey.

Stay hydrated always!

You should always stay hydrated during your trip. According to recent survey, nearly 1 to 2 percent reduction of body weight decreases your alertness and also makes you feel exhausted. Travelling in this condition during winter season can be deadly at times. So keep on drinking adequate amount of water. Since your body requires energy and fuel, you must rely on food that includes sandwiches, fruit and soup.

Carry safety kit

Are you planning to travel via road? Pack safety kit to travel on car during winter season. Carry cellular phone along with charger, ice scraper, jumper cables, tow ropes, blankets, matches, candles, flashlight, first aid box, medicines, portable radio and old newspapers.

Be patient!

During winter season, travellers often face problems due to storm and snow fall. Often the travellers make the mistake to resume their normal activities immediately after the snowfall or snow storm. Do not hurry and act wisely. Inquire if your cruise or air crew take necessary arrangement and then take decision accordingly. In case, they fail to arrange for suitable flight you must look for a suitable arrangement on your own.

Know about the tips and tricks for an enjoyable and safe journey during winter month.

Matthew Naylor, the owner of Parking4Cruises, has years of experience working in the travel industry. He shares an active interest in writing and blogging, especially about the niche he works in, the travel sector. He offers his ideas, tips and suggestions for travellers planning a cruise or flight from Southampton to regional, national and international destinations.

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